Cane Marine is one of the leaders in the Oil & Gas industry, focused on serving our clients in the Middle East. Our unique vision is to be a valued provider of exceptional Marine Services, by engaging with the customers on multiple levels and satisfying their specific requirements.

We provide rig management and assist our clients, offering them with the best solutions, Cane Marine has become a reliable and trustworthy partner for a number of renowned customers, established across the globe.

Our ever-expanding spectrum of services includes long term experience within Oil & Gas as well as rig-oriented requirements, from rig chartering to rig management. With the headquarters located in the Middle East, Cane Marine provides unique services to our clients using its experienced staff and innovative delivery methodologies.

With us, you can be assured of a high-quality outcome as well as a trusted partner who provides cost-efficient solutions. Based in UAE, Cane Marine with years of experience and highly skilled staff, we are confident that we can provide successful and systematic services that can be customized based on the specific requirements of our clients.

Cane Marine Services is a reliable and trustworthy partner for a number of renowned customers established across the globe. Based in the UAE we provide a convenient approach to delivering a broad range of combined Rig involved solutions and services for our clients


We are one of the leading consultancies in the oil field industry providing both tactical advice for our clients. We lay out a blueprint before inception of each project.


With us, you can be assured of uncompromised quality, exceptional services and a trusted partner who provides cost-effective services.


We assure constant support and reliable interpersonal skills for each client throughout the duration of each project, which helps us maintain, loyal and repeated customers

Our Mission

Delivering unparalleled marine services, to become a global leader in the oil field through focus, growth, knowledge, experience and skill. 

Our Vision

Strive to be a quality organization of successful innovators that are committed to development, opportunity, and to create a worldwide improvement in the oil field industry.

Our Policy

Our commitment to safety and quality is of top priority. Our code of conduct ensures that our quality policies are followed at all times. we strive to maintain compliant behaviour in all our operations. We have reinforced our commitment to; ‘safe and efficient operations by following a regimented operational safety management standard, parallel to esteemed international safety and quality policies. This ensures that management accountability, recruitment of crew, management and continual evaluations, can maintain our established services.